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For over 40 years, we have developed the best animal fat and blended products to meet the exacting needs of national restaurant chains, bakeries, and industrial companies.


Our team has decades of experience working with animal and vegetable fats to create sustainable, custom oils, and shortenings.

specialty uses

We collaborate with our industrial partners to develop non-food applications for tristearin fats. Our specialized processes convert triglycerides into products that replace petroleum waxes in multiple specialty uses.


What do we mean by custom? Our experienced team will partner with you to deliver products to your precise specifications with a variety of packaging options.

Do you know the difference between lard and tallow? Get the scoop with this handy chart from Meatingplace. (Used by permission. From the August 2016 issue of Meatingplace. Reprinting of this article without permission of Meatingplace is prohibited.)  View It Here

A new analysis of data from the Minnesota Coronary Experiment, originally performed more than 40 years ago, is raising serious questions about nutrition advice to limit saturated fat to reduce the risk of heart disease.